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Lakeview Cottages Lakeview Cottages
Lakeview Cottages, part of the Park Meadows development in Park City, Utah, is 18 units of a well-maintained community that backs up to the Park Meadows Country Club and Golf Course.  Built in 1983, each 1,295 square foot townhome has a detached two-car garage and outdoor deck.
The back of each unit overlooks the scenic pond of the Park Meadows Country Club with an amazing view of the Park City mountains.  These condominiums are just a short drive to the three ski resorts in Park City. 
~ Notices ~
The soaker system is in failing or failed condition in most areas.  This system was replaced/upgraded a few years back and we think it has simply run its course of usefulness. Being a soaker system, much of the tubing is clogged and or strangled out by roots and years of accumulation of dirt, pollen and the like.
We will need to replace most if not all of the soaker system. Fortunately, this is not a huge expense, about $6,000, but we still want to be conservative and careful with our expenses.  To that end, we have asked Sergio to NOT replace all systems in every area carte blanche for a few reasons.
·  We want a targeted drip system not a replacement of the soaker system.
·  Almost every area needs a drip system and not a soaker system.  Drip systems are much more targeted and less wasteful of water.  If soaking is needed, we can simply add a low volume head at less expense.
· There are several areas that don’t need water and only mulch.
· There are other areas that are currently being upgraded or replanted.  The last thing we want to do is install a system in areas that we don’t know for sure what we are planting and exactly when.  In this situation, we would ask Sergio to ensure that a main water supply is installed and made available in the area in question.  Then when the planting is complete, he can come back out and run drip lines in a precise and efficient manner.
· We need to add some higher volume drip systems to trees that are suffering most from drought conditions.  The cost of more water is not much cheaper than the cost of felling dead trees and the environment impact in the future on having said trees strong and healthy.

~ HOA Board ~
HOA Board
President - Doug Seith
Vice President - Jack Giacomini
Vice President - Rick Wesselhoff
Secretary - Linda Belgiano
Treasurer - Carol Richardson

~ Parking Rules & Towing ~
Each unit owner has one parking tag for guests to use.  Guests must display the parking tag  from front rear-view mirror if parked in guest parking from 5PM-8AM. Owners are NOT allowed to park in guest parking from 5PM-8AM. Owners must park in their garage.
Cars will be towed when:
  • Parked on Lakeview Drive
  • Parked in front of a garage on Lakeview Drive
  • Parked in a visitor parking stall without a parking tag from 5PM-8AM
If your car has been towed, contact Park City Tow 435-645-7775.  Vehicles can be picked up 8am-5pm except for holidays.  Lakeview Cottages HOA has no control over getting a car out of impound.

~ Upcoming Events ~
No Events at this time.