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Lakeview Living Newsletters
5-26-22   Decks
8-16-21    The Goosinator, Toilet, Road & Paint
4-26-21    Note From our New President
3-4-21      The Loss of Ken Jenny 
2-27-21    Being Aware is Being Safe and Secure
12-14-20   Common Area Landscape Project and Maintenance
8-6-20      Annual HOA Meeting Minutes & Landscape Review Project
4-13-20    Spring 2020 Scheduled Maintenance Projects - On Hold
11-29-19  Tow Zone Now Posted on Lakeview Drive
8-30-19    Comcast Bundled Services Contract, A/C Compressors and Rental Policy Vote
7-23-19    Proactively Addressing the Evolution of the Issues with Nightly Rentals
7-18-19    2019 Annual HOA Meeting Minutes
6-12-19    Spring Cleanup and Common Area Pest Control Maintenance
3-19-19    Walkway Ice Precautions and Cable/Internet Use Survey
3-4-19      Recommended Winter Home Maintenance
5-7-18      2017/18 Annual Lakeview Cottages HOA Meeting is Announced
7-26-17    Annual HOA Meeting Minutes and Common Area Maintenance Project Update  
6-15-17    Common Area Maintenance Projects Underway
6-1-17      2016 / 2017 Annual Lakeview Cottages HOA Meeting is Announced
5-4-17      Spring Common Area Maintenance & Restoration Projects
1-25-17    Record Winter Snow Creates Challenges
11-4-16     Winter is Coming
9-22-16     Garage Door Painting Project Begins
7-12-16     2016 Annual HOA Meeting Minutes and 2016/17 Final Budget
6-9-16       The Loss of A Very Good Friend of Lakeview Cottages
6-3-16       2016 Annual HOA Meeting Details
1-5-16       A  Winter Holiday Reminder
9-23-15     HOA CC&Rs, Bylaws and Common Area Rules
8-3-15       Park Meadows Golf Club Update
7-30-15     Second Seasonal Window Washing Maintenance is Scheduled
7-17-15     Legal Amendments and Changes to Bylaws and CC&Rs
6-24-15     2015/16 HOA Board Elected
5-22-15     HOA Contractor Selection Process
5-12-15     Annual HOA Meeting Conference Connections
5-4-15       Driveway Resealing and Deck Refinishing Projects are Scheduled
4-24-15     Spring Scheduled Maintenance Projects are Underway
4-14-15     Spring is Here
3-30-15     Annual Meeting Date is announced
3-19-15     Spring is Just Around the Corner
1-20-15     Winterizing the Steps and Walkways
11-26-14   Winter had arrived in Park City
11-1-14     The amazing life of Mary Wynne
10-28-14   Winterizing the common area continues
8-13-14     Landscape review committee
7-30-14     Park Meadows Golf  Club
7-25-14     Wildlife control inspections
7-24-14     Unseasonably high moisture levels in Park City
7-23-14     Annual meeting minutes
7-11-14     Common area landscaping
7-8-14       An Update on the exterior painting project and more
6-27-14     Update on exterior window washing
5-1-14       Lakeview Living newsletter introduction